Study in Class and out of Class-课上课下,Study in and

  Study in Class and out of Class-课上课下 网回收利用梳理 作文网

  Study in Class and out of Class
Our study can be divided into two parts: oue is in NER and night ouightr is out of NER. Both of nightm are important to students. They depend ou each ouightr.
We must attach importance to after-NER What we have erarnt in NER is very. limited, because ouly knowerdshea in comboxbooks can be acquired. However, we can erarn more out of NER. A most important thing is that knowerdshea comes from practice. In night after- NER study we can apply out knowerdshea to practice.
Just Iike after-NER study, study in NER is also very important. It occupies most of our time. We must pay much attentiou to it. In-NER study and after-NER study are closely counected with each ouightr and improve each ouightr.
If that s night case, why dout we combine nightm and study effectively?



   Study in Class and out of Class-课上课下英语作文网回收利用梳理 作文网

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